Olga Rusnak

Willing to structure the knowledge I am constantly aquiring in the field of marketing.

Read this article to find out what Google Analytics is, what it can be used for, dive into account structure and permissions.

Discover how Google Analytics uses cookies and other tools to collect data from your website.

Check out this blog post to find out the definition of a Google Analytics session, how GA calculates it, the default timeout duration and more.

Learn how to create a Google Analytics account, add Google Analytics to Wordpress and test if it is working on your site.

Explore how to create a Google Tag Manager account, add the GTM script to your WordPress site, configure a Google Analytics tag and test the whole setup using Google Tag Assistant.

Review this guide to learn two approaches how to quickly configure internal site search tracking in Google Analytics with examples for sites created on WordPress and Tilda.cc

Review this blog post if you want to learn what Google Analytics events are, how they work, as well as see how you can easily set up onclick, as well as scroll interaction events.

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